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Both men would score a 4, but the risk of suicide would be substantially greater in the first case. The modified sad persons scale found no completed suicides in the group with a low. Suicide assessment american counseling association. In sad persons, one point is scored for each risk factor. One point is assigned for each risk factor present, and there are guidelines on what to do with a patient scoring in each score range. Suicide risk assessment guide canadian patient safety institute. The sad persons scale, an acronym based on 10 suicide risk factors, has found. A mnemonic that can help with this assessment is sad. Juhnke for use with children in 1996 recent studies have found although the scale has specificity, its sensitivity is so low it is of no clinical. A systematic search of electronic databases was conducted. This article aims to determine the ability of the sad persons scale sps to predict future suicide in the emergency department.

Permission from the swedish agency for health technology assessment. The sad persons scale is an acronym utilized as amnemonic device. En enkel skala for att belysa det man kan kalla statistiska riskfaktorer. Modified sad persons scale assess depression with the modified sad persons scale ciwaar optimize benzodiazepine treatment of patients alcohol withdrawal cows score for opiate withdrawal abnormal involuntary movement scale aims 12item scale to assess severity of dyskinesias. We found strong evidence that the sad persons scale has low. Guidelines for action with the sad persons scale total points proposed clinical action 0 to 2 send home with followup 3 to 4. Teriflunomide for treating relapsingremitting multiple sclerosis guidance ta303 source. S sex male a age 45 d depression p previous attempt e ethanol r rational thinking loss s social supports lacking o organised plan n no partner s sickness. Revised sad persons helps assess suicide risk mdedge. It was first developed as a clinical assessment tool for medical professionals to determine suicide risk, by patterson et al. The sad persons scale is an acronym utilized as a mnemonic device. The name is a mnemonic to help practitioners remember each risk factor.

The sad persons suicide risk assessment scale is widely implemented in clinical settings despite limited supporting evidence. Hamilton depression rating scale hamd or hdrs determine severity of depression modified sad persons scale assess depression with the modified sad persons scale patient health questionnaire9 phq9 screening tool to assist in identifying major depressive disorder geriatric depression scale a questionnaire to screen for depression in geriatric populations patient health questionnaire2 phq2 ultrabrief screening for depressive disorders altman selfrating mania scale asrm 5 question. Sad persons scale the sad persons scale is an attempt to assist nonpsychiatrists assess suicide risk. However, while scale has good specificity 90%, sensitivity is only 2%. Sirs criteria systemic inflammatory response syndrome identify systemic inflammatory response. Recent studies have found although the scale has specificity, its sensitivity is so low it is of no clinical value. The sad persons scale sps is widely used for suicide risk assessment in clinical. Assess depression with the modified sad persons scale. The sad persons scale is a tool used to evaluate the risk of patients who may be suicidal. Rational thinking loss 1 if patient is psychotic for any reason schizophrenia, affective illness, organic brain syndrome social support lacking 1 if these are lacking, especially with recent loss of a significant other. The original scale is for adults, but the scale was later revised to include criteria for children. National institute for health and care excellence nice 22 january 2014. It may help as a guide regarding the need for referral or admission.

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