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Now, in coaching wrestling successfully, gable presents the blueprint to becoming a wrestling champion. Youth wrestling tournaments are organized chaos with hundreds of spectators, lots of noise and groups. The core lifts are bench press, behind the head seated military press, power cleans, and the squat. Examples of flexibility exercises include the following. Get to know youth wrestling coach mike krause 46 year old devoted father of 4 regarded as one of the best youth coaches in the country sponsored by adidas wrestling. Coaching youth wrestling was written by the american sport education program asep in conjunction with usa wrestling. Coaches set the tone for the team and are responsible for the conduct of their players, parents and any other coaches or volunteers. Beginning his career as missouris seventh head wrestling coach, brian.

Warmup 20 minutes looking for a lot of motion in the warmup along with normal routine. Brian smith wrestling coach university of missouri athletics. Just getting started into the sport, youth wrestlers often lack the confidence that is gained through experience both in practice and matches. Coaching youth wrestling 3rd edition coaching youth. Wrestling workouts for youth wrestlers strength training will help them reach their goals. Coaching youth sport courses also feature sportspecific content on teachin. Coaching youth wrestling, 3rd edition thank you for volunteering your time to be a coach. Conditioning starting practice exercises 1015 minutes a. Coaching youth wrestling, third edition, stresses fun, safety, and effective instruction, helping you create an environment that promotes learning, helps your kids enjoy their wrestling experiences, and motivates your wrestlers to come out year after year. Many of our nations top high school wrestling teams maintain a strong alignment with their youth wrestling clubs coaching philosophy, technique, etc. Wrestling book coaching youth wrestling by jrwrestling.

Coaching wrestling successfully by dan gable nook book. There is a lot to learn about wrestling and there isnt a huge. Instructional coaching videos online courses how to coach. Further, being able to put those drills together with a practice plan to reinforce those skills. The reason i choose to coach youth wrestling is to instill a love and passion for the sport of wrestling. The fayetteville youth wrestling club is a grassroots effort to help facilitate the growth of fayetteville wrestling by training committed wrestlers to reach their full potential domestically and to develop character and confidence through competition on the mat.

Coaching youth wrestling 3rd edition coaching youth sports. Behavior and attitude practices need to be disciplined and organized expect good behavior, they are here to learn to wrestle not screw around when the coach is talking there should be silence we want to teach not only championship wrestling, but championship attitude and behavior. Brent pohorsky rockwall high school head wrestling coach 2015 2016 texas wrestling hall of honor inductee coach brent pohorsky will be honored at the uil state wrestling championships, saturday, february 20th prior to the state wrestling finals. If you want to learn more about the sport of wrestling, be sure to check out the rest of our wrestling articles and coaching resources. I started seriously coaching youth and high school wrestling in 2000 when i moved to christiansburg, va. First, you can use the strategy to work on new moves and to.

Low price guarantee we guarantee that you will not find any of the wrestling coaching videos we sell at a lower price. Outstanding ymca wrestling coach rick ross, left, standing out in a crowd. Wrestling is a sport that has a storied history all across the world. Nick piccininni 4th, 125, kaid brock 5th, 3, joe smith 4th, 157, chandler. South dakota wrestling coaches associations website. Coaches and parents should be held to a standard of behavior that provides a positive environment for. Fourtime all american eric akin was a top level athlete at iowa state university. This is a complete, yet concise book covering the basics of coaching and the fundamentals of wrestling. Boys wrestling instruction on video, covering wrestling moves, takedowns, breakdowns, standups, pin moves and conditioning drills ideal for high school wrestling. Joining heil on the podium were seven other cowboys to tie a program record.

If you are not already a sports booster member please consider joining. Force your opponent to wrestle your style by initiating first. Coaching youth wrestling is part of the improved generation of the american sport education programs asep coaching youth sports series. Content our coaching essentials and coaching youth sport online courses provide coaches with baseline knowledge in the areas of coaching philosophy and style, communication, team management, practice and gameday planning, first aid, and rules.

Coaching is a privilege and with it comes responsibility. Because of the success of our program, tea youth wrestling is the only youth club. He covers he covers every facet of his formula for successa guiding philosophy, proven motivational tools, guidelines for proper nutrition and weight control, daily and yearround practice plans, effective instructional methods, correct. The nwca has collaborated with many of the nations top coaching development experts, sports science researchers, academia scholars and wrestling coaches to develop a comprehensive list of coaching development products and services that meets the needs of coaches from. Usa wrestling copper level certification a step by step guide to purchasing the online course. The bruin wrestling club is for 1st thru 6th grade students and founded under the usa wrestling charter. No parents allowed in the mat area unless coaching coaches passes per tx usa wrestling youth rules.

In north america, wrestling teams take to the mat in a battle of technical prowess, speed and brute strength. He has made this basic level series very easy to learn or teach. Our goal with c3 is to create not just an event, but an experience for the coaches, athletes and parents attending. S,a, national coaching staff and has coached the u,s,a, world teams, mr, hatta is also an art and language instructor and has worked as an athletic trainer. The best wrestling coaches do their best coaching during practice, in the practice room. Wrestling drills and practice planswrestling practice plans. A strong alignment of coaching philosophies among the various age group levels will result in solid team cohesion and much better retention rates of students as they progress through your program. How to minimize safety risks to athletes in practice and competition learn basic skills and wrestling terminology stance, motion, changing levels, a position and b position, penetration, lifting and driving drills and stretches for warmup and practice preparation.

This will help you react to the whistle, but more importantly help you defend any movement initiated by the challenger. Intermat wrestling dan gable museum announces 2018 glen. Please email webmaster to request a post of content or add a tournament. Try to watch what works for others against your opponent then use them. All children are influenced by my leadership and authority and as their coach. We have experienced coaches and freestyle almuni champions in the room to help teach newcomers and challenge seasoned. Two students face each other and grasp hands by joining fingers with the. This widely respected and highly popular series is the best collection of youth sportspecific guides, which are grounded in positive coaching principles.

The defender will collide with the blocker and give resistance as he is being driven back. Stepping foot into a wrestling room or onto a wrestling mat for the very first time can be an intimidating feeling for a youth wrestler. Prior to joining stottlemyers staff, kocher worked for lionheart professional management and promotions in state college, pa. As you progress through the online course, youll be prompted to read chapters to complete course activities. Join usa wrestling as an athlete, coach, or official. Complete wrestling drills, wrestling practice plans, and wrestling coaching advice, perfect for the busy coach. Boys and girls interested in joining the club may also register through the local park distict. John smith head coach wrestling coaches oklahoma state.

We have the widest selection of training videos with wrestling moves, coaching, instruction and more. He remained on the sju wrestling staff as a student coach. When training young wrestlers, the more feedback they receive the better. Enforce the practice of having only one coach in the wrestlers corner. The lifting program the riders wrestling team will have a twenty week percentage based program for the four core lifts. Best strength training strategies for wrestling wrestle club. The first to will set up your opponent for the third move. It does not matter if you are a local youth coach, the usa wrestling national coach, the ncaa championship coach or a new high school coach. Coaching youth wrestling i have been working with young wrestlers throughout my competitive and coaching career. I have always thought that being an effective coach at the youth and high school level is just as much teaching your wrestlers to stay out of trouble as it is to.

Jun 03, 2014 these coaching priorities listed and discussed below are necessary for every coach at every level of wrestling. In the following section are a glossary of wrestling terms. Com 46 year teaching curriculum for new to novice wrestlers by cary kolat kolat. For a printable pdf version of level 1 fee click here.

Coaching youth wrestling online course3rd editionpdf. As with typical wrestling workouts, the coach should periodically stop the wrestlers to demonstrate what they are doing wrong. When the defender reaches the end of the board, the coach will give a direction to spin. He led lewis central to traditional and dual state team titles in 2000 and 2001, and his 2001 team had an iowa record six individual state champions. Over the course of time my ideas regarding practice structure have developed based on several factors. Huron youth wrestling 2020 dual flyer january 18th, 2020 flyer pdf 19th huron youth wrestling tournament 2020 january 19th, 2020 flyer pdf 19th westside raider youth. The wrestlers compete in the area which can take the shocks of their actions.

Some of these drills you react from the partners first movement. Its focus on teaching fundamental wrestling skills and techniques through matchlike activities sets it apart from other wrestling coaching books. Com curriculum will enable all wrestlers to discover their strengths and weaknesses and eventually help them to develop their own winning style. Brent pohorsky rockwall high school head wrestling coach. Wrestling is a complex sport and there are many more technicalities involved than those listed here. Whether you are a beginner learning for the first time or an experienced wrestler competing for a state or national title, we can help. Parents, coaches, and player code of conduct for kidball flag football parents and coaches please read the following codes of conduct with your children and players. Ideal for coaches of wrestlers ages 8 to 14, coaching youth wrestling teaches you how to convey folkstyle wrestling skills to your athletes in an engaging and positive manner. Sep 10, 2016 waubonsie wrestling club has created a pdf file that outlines some basics for youth strength training as well as a sample program. Wrestling mat wrestling mat is the primary equipment required in the game.

There are numerous ways to structure a wrestling practice and different coaches bring new ideas to those plans. Iod like to share with you a sample plan of such a structure to your practice based on almost 40 years of coaching experience. Teach the fundamentals of wrestling to the youth in the area. Youth coaches play an important role in providing a positive sport experience for our kids. Pinning fundamentals with eric akin, east kansas wrestling club head coach. After graduating from sju, greg wanted to remain active in the wrestling community and to feed his passion to help youth. You must go into a match with an offensive strategy. Asep has been developing and delivering coaching education courses since 1981. Wrestling is a complicated sport, but mastering a few basic skills and moveswhile eventually perfecting some advanced onesis critical to. High plains coach norm manstedt drops a pair of wrestling shoes on the mat after coaching his final match, the class d 106pound championship bout, on saturday during the state wrestling. He did both as the 7 th and 8 th grade wrestling coach in foley for the 201120 seasons.

Obviously wrestling workouts for youth wrestlers must take into account a number of factors. As the drill progresses, vary the distance between the blocker and the defender. Coach pohorsky is one of five individuals being inducted this season. There is a twofold purpose for including situation wrestling in daily practice sessions. Download folkstyle level 1 pdf folkstyle level 1 practice plans. Skt wrestling put together a great strength training video on youtube. Instill a solid work ethic, discipline and selfworth in a faith based environment. In 2017 we are looking to expand across the us and provide the same quality product in various wrestling hotbeds to showcase athlete talent. Hatta coaching joe gonzales with bobby douglas, 88 world cup photo by beth twigg. Softball coaches are constantly on the lookout for drills and skills that are going to make their players better.

Create your account and begin using the usa wrestling membership system. This is especially important when it comes to their safety and continued development. Coaches choice first half of time is techniques learned to this point second half in neutral position strength and skill based activities 1015 back step drill backstep sommersault drill flipovers 1 activity from 1b, 1e, or 1f. I figured out quickly that if you wanted to have a good program you had to develop a system to teach throughout your entire program. This coaching guide contains specific programs for both boys and girls wrestling, including specifics on equipment, tactics, conditioning, nutrition and making weight. This is a mustread for wrestling coaches and athletes who wish to achieve their best. All coaches must display proof of copper certification or better and usa card tx usaw coaches badge if tx coach on lanyard around neck. Avoidable problems with youth wrestling dynamic wrestling. Through his youth wrestling club and as head coach of lewis central high school in council bluffs, iowa, he has coached numerous state wrestling champions and college allamericans. It also has chapters on communicating with your athletes and their parents, teaching and developing wrestling skills, planning and conducting practices, coaching during matches and a special chapter on the games approach to. These coaching priorities listed and discussed below are necessary for every coach at every level of wrestling. Coaching wrestling successfully coaching successfully. Now as a youth coach he has developed a series of techniques that focuses on fundamentals that will train. The coaching staff has also included the auxiliary lifts, repetitions and sets.

To victor, wrestling is more than just a sport, but also a way of life, which can teach principles that can be applied both on and off the mat. I would work with my college age wrestlers throughout the day and my youth wrestlers in the evenings. This will be accomplished by positively coaching the kids, having fun in practice, stressing positive attitudes and teaching perseverance. During high school, i would stay after practice to work with our kids program. A wrestling match is a test of wills, if you keep constant pressure on your opponent throughout the entire match eventually almost all of them will give up at some point, because they are exhausted physically andor mentally. During my 5 years coaching collegiate wrestlers at ohio state and penn state, i also conducted usa wrestling kids clubs. This is why the nwca has made the decision to invest so heavily in coaching development.

I encourage youth coaches to invite varsity wrestlers to work with your local kids program. Wrestling coaches should begin by teaching the basics. The strategy behind wrestling goes far beyond anything that could be listed in one article. It shows what strength training exercises they are doing for their youth wrestlers. Usbc coaching bronze program is an intermediate level of training and requires coaches to attend a conference that lasts two or twoandahalf days.

Dont even think about going to your next wrestling practice until you read this. As the nations leading coaching education program, asep works with national, state, and local youth sport organizations. Coachtube online courses where you learn how to coach via instructional coaching videos by top sports professionals, basketball, football, much more. I just got home from a pretty major youth tournament in new jersey. Learn to wrestle quick by using systems attack style. Over 100 wrestling instructional videoss and wrestling coaching dvds from the top coaches and wrestlers in the sport. I watched close to 200 matches between some of the best youth wrestlers in the country figured i would talk a bit about my personal opinions on youth wrestling, both the positive and the negative. Rest about 12 minutes between sets with all power exercises. The nwca offers a wide range of coaching courses, resources and other tools for coaches from the youth to the college level. Beloved ymca eagles wrestling coach rick ross bows out. A great wrestling coach conveys excellence in everything. Cary also tapped into his years of experience coaching at the youth level to identify the areas that must be covered for a young wrestler to develop. This type of training will help to prevent injuries during the remainder of practice.

Coaching youth wrestling american sport education program. Usa wrestlings 7 basic skills study guide search youtube for usa wrestling seven basic sills or click this link. United states olympic team alternate and usa world team member. Coach akin uses youth wrestlers of varying abilities to demonstrate the technique and drills that he uses in his own room.

Greg rejoined the foley program for the 20172018 season as an assistant. Keep moving and work for your moves to counter your opponents shots. Wrestling is the low key game as far as the number of special equipment are concerned. How to adopt coaching youth sport courses human kinetics. In coaching wrestling successfully, gable shares many of the secrets to his astonishing success. Dan gable is a legend in wrestling and one of the greatest sports coaches of all time. Level up wrestling center is a youth wrestling center in the east cobb area of marietta, ga.

These are the wrestling drills elite coaches dont want you to know. Rookie coaches wrestling guide american coaching effectiveness program, u s a wrestling on. How to coach kids 12 and under this link is not valid for certification with usa wrestling but provides great info to new coaches. The course is supplemented by the coaching youth wrestling bookwritten by human kinetics coach educationwhich is provided as a pdf from within the online course. The youth wrestlers should spent this time performing flexibility exercises. The nwca has developed a comprehensive set of coaching development resources to help youth level wrestling coaches provide a terrific educationally based athletic experience for each student. Our job is to help wrestlers achieve breakthrough moments, no matter what stage they are in. A series of high crotch moves in this series of free instructional videos for coaches of youth wrestling, triple threat wrestling director tommy pavia demonstrates a variety of moves in getting into the high crotch takedown.

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